Custom Billet Flanges



Billet Flanges:

Many of my customers build their own manifold flanges.  If you are a do-it-yourself racer, you can easily build them with conventional shop machinery.  But if you want an improvement to the simple 2-dimensional flange, consider our offering for the following reasons:  

  • Integral “stub” runners – The beginning of the runner is built right into the flange.  This reduces welding distortion, since the runner and flange are the same thickness at the butt joint.  It also allows me to build the runner “tilt” into the flange for a better transition into the head port.

  • Port Injection boss provisions – We can machine bosses directly into the flange, eliminating the need to fabricate them.  Again, this also minimizes the potential for warping during welding.

  • Precision fit – CAD design and CNC machining yield a perfect fit.  Slotted holes for deck height variations available at no extra charge.

  • Longer runners are possible – If your application requires a long runner, it is more easily achieved by incorporating some of the runner into the flange.  This is particularly useful on A/Fuel manifolds where runner length typically exceeds 6 or 7 inches.




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