Custom Billet Runners



Billet Runners:

Many customers want a one-off custom manifold. I can supply billet runners that easily allows us or the customer to fabricate their own billet-sheetmetal hybrid manifold. This method has many advantages over fabricated sheetmetal manifolds.

  • Cost-effective for one-off manifolds.

  • Integral common plenum flange provides easy plenum construction.

  • Integral plenum fillets provide superior quality and performance.

  • CAD layout of runner shape and optimized runner entry location.

  • Cylinder-to-cylinder consistency of CNC billet construction.

  • Billet rigidity with customer specified wall thickness.

  • Finish trimmed with no guess-work for fitting and assembly.

Many of my repeat customers have come to the same conclusion. They can build two or three manifolds using my runners and flanges for the typical cost of one complete high quality sheetmetal manifold. If they try several different runner/plenum combinations, they’ve learned something about their engine combination and manifold tuning. If they buy one expensive sheetmetal manifold, they might not be able to afford testing an alternative.

Bottom view of a billet runner pair- The integral flange allows for easy fabrication and locks in the runner-to-runner relationship as designed on the CAD system.

Top view of a billet runner pair- A stepped register around the flange perimeter assists with plenum fitting and welding. The integral radii give you professional results with minimal work.

CAD runner layout- Every job begins with a CAD runner layout on the computer. The yellow areas are the beginning of your intake ports. These are constructed from information gathered from you. The shape of the port at the gasket is needed as well as the roof, floor, and side wall angles. The port surfaces (red) are then blended to the plenum circles which are positioned relative to the carburetor bores. Finally, your specific fillet radii (purple) are constructed. Any constraint like hood or distributor clearance can easily be verified at this point.

Runner CAD layout showing optimized carburetor location.

Billet runners-Constant taper oval-to-oval.

Billet runner-Oval-to-round thick wall.

Bottom view of Billet Runners-Entire bank with common plenum flange and fillets.

Top view of Billet Runners-Entire bank with common plenum flange and fillets.



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