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Ford FE Products:

Most custom manifold builders dread the words “Ford FE” for a good reason. Reproducing the uniquely complex manifold arrangement of the legendary Ford 390-406-427-428 engine series is not a welcomed task. Swartz Racing Manifolds and Blair Patrick Racing Engines saw this problem as an opportunity. The result is this beautiful three-piece billet manifold base that includes two head plates that essentially complete the cylinder heads and a valley tray with integral water crossover that bolts between the plates. A simple dry spider can be easily fabricated to bolt on, or we can supply a billet spider for the ultimate Super Stock induction. The three-piece construction allows the disassembly of one bank without disturbing the opposite bank or valley tray – a big benefit during tear-down inspections. Custom pushrod locations and one-off custom ports are included in the price of $1995. High risers are currently available and a medium riser version will be available soon. Weight is 15 pounds. Call Paul Swartz at 913-845-4243 or Blair Patrick at 423-837-1514 for more information.

A high riser version with Weber IDA bosses machined directly onto the head plates is also available for Weber/stack/EFI applications, shown below.

Here is Russ Richard’s Cobra with a complete EFI induction system by Wayne Presley of 

We also have offset distributors for FE engines…

As well as a new billet valve cover on the drawing board.



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